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“The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them”
David Beckham

We Wouldn’t Be Who We Are Without It

Time and time again we hear of success accredited to the experiences we have growing up and often those experiences in some way relate back to sports, music, dance and art experiences.
Whether it’s being comfortable working within a team, the discipline of practice to improve or experiencing continuous progress and improvement for the first time.
Laurel Park FC Youth Sports Foundation has been founded by a board of trustees that thank their local community clubs for providing sport, music, dance and art experiences that have helped develop the skills and character to succeed in the real world.
We have a passion to continue to support local clubs and individuals create opportunities and make them more accessible your the youth in Reading.

The Four Pieces Of The Puzzle

Our foundation seeks to inspire change and ignite a movement to strengthen a community for a more equitable, accessible, and socially responsible landscape in sport, music, dance and art opportunities for our youth fueled by us as a local community.

It Takes A Community

Our sole focus to raise charitable funds stems from bringing the community together through fundraising events for the community as well individual donations and corporate donations/sponsorships to fuel local community entities specifically for the youth generation.


Our trustees are the heart and soul of our foundation, dedicating their time and passion to support community youth sports and arts activities.

Michael Bradshaw


Simon Crabb


Val Oakley


Ian Jobson


Andrew Dykes


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